Criterion 2

Indicative standards by criteria


 Criterion 2 | Teaching and supporting student learning

To demonstrate this criterion you should provide evidence of good practice in teaching.  Good practice may be demonstrated across any or all of the full range of teaching contexts. Where possible you should demonstrate how you have shown leadership or mentored and influenced others.

Good practice in relation to this criterion might include demonstration of:
• Engaging students and stimulating interest
• Encouraging active participation
• Explaining concepts in a way that students can understand
• Helping students that encounter difficulties
• Use of a student centred approach
• Knowledge and use a range of teaching activities
• Use of a collaborative teaching approach
• Utilise examples and resources from different contexts and countries
• Innovative teaching

Note: Indicators in Bold up to Lecturer B should be considered as minimum standards. Indicators in Bold above Lecturer B should be considered as key signals to build a case for promotion where the contribution is in teaching. The indicators not in bold are to illustrate other activities and evidence that can be used to demonstrate achievement.

Download the framework organised by criteria as a pdf or modifiable word document.

Criterion 2: Teaching and supporting student learning
 Quality teaching, including; lecturing, classroom, on-line, field, work-based, studio, laboratory, workshop, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and supervision of student research
Lecturer (A) Lecturer (B) Senior Lecturer (C) Associate Professor (D) Professor (E)
  •  Student centred approach to teaching
  • Demonstrates an understanding of specific aspects of effective teaching and learning support methods
  • Peer review of classroom teaching by colleague
  • For relevant items in student survey, average or above average scores in all units taught e.g.
    • The teacher explains important concepts/ideas in ways that I can understand.
    • The teacher stimulates my interest in the subject.
    • I am encouraged to participate in classroom and/or online activities.
    • The teacher is helpful if I encounter difficulties with the lecture/unit.
  •  Student centred approach to teaching
  • A range of teaching is undertaken (i.e. different levels/mode)
  • Effective collaborative teaching approaches
  • Regular peer review of various dimensions of teaching by a colleague
  • Evidence of innovation/ creativity in teaching
  • Quality of student learning is monitored
  • A scholarly approach to teaching
  • Effective supervision of honours/
    postgraduate students to completion
  • For relevant items in student survey, average or above average scores for two consecutive years and in all units taught
  •  Meets the requirements for Level B and
  • Teaching techniques are successful in enhancing student learning
  • Effective supervision of postgraduate students to completion
  • Quality of student learning is systematically monitored
  • Innovation and creativity in teaching
  • Peer recognition of quality of teaching e.g. invitations to teach in other units/ courses/universities or nomination for a teaching award
  • For relevant items in the student survey, average or above average scores for three consecutive years and in all units taught
  •  Meets the requirements for Level C and
  • Peer recognition of quality teaching e.g. invitations to teach at other universities or awarded a faculty and/or university teaching award
  • Evidence of systematic and integrated development of teaching practices informed by scholarship/research
  • Leadership and innovation in teaching practices and supporting students is recognised at a university, disciplinary or national level
  • Leadership in supporting colleagues’ in their teaching through peer support and review
  •  Meets the requirements for Level D and
  • Evidence of successful, strategic leadership and innovation in enhancing quality teaching practices and supporting student learning at the university, disciplinary, or (inter)national level
  • Leadership in academic practice in the university, discipline or (inter)nationally
  • Establishes effective organisational policies/strategies that promote and support others to deliver high quality teaching and support student learning (e.g. through mentoring/ coaching)

Indicative evidence for criterion 2 

  •  Student surveys and feedback to students on response/outcomes
  • Student feedback from focus groups
  • Examples of student work/ theses
  • Postgraduate student grades and time to completion
  • Systematic monitoring of student learning outcomes
  • Peer review and personal responses to the review and practices
  • Adoption of innovation by others
  • Impact of innovation/initiative within university or wider
  • Impact of mentoring on peers or colleagues
  • Recognition from university national and international peers
  • Nomination for a teaching award
  • Success in a university, national or discipline teaching award
  • Letters of invitation or thanks