Guidelines for individuals

Academic teaching staff may use the framework as a tool to assist in sourcing and collecting evidence relevant to teaching development, quality and leadership. It may help guide developmental priorities and decisions to apply for performance based recognition and rewards.

Individuals should consider gathering evidence of practice that meet each criterion. Numerous sources of evidence can be used to demonstrate quality teaching, and examples of sources / types of evidence that may be appropriate have been provided at each promotional level under each criterion. More substantial evidence is expected of staff as they move through the career levels. These examples are illustrative and provide guidance on the types of evidence appropriate. It is not expected that an individual will address each of the nominated examples, nor do these examples encompass the full range of possibilities, they should only be used as a guide.

Exemplars have been provided where possible to demonstrate quality teaching under each criterion and how evidence can be used to illustrate achievement.

Guides and directories of good practice have been included to demonstrate current perceptions and opinions of what constitutes good practice, and to provide further information and inspiration for individuals using the framework to direct their personal and professional development.

Minimum Standards – Some indicators are highlighted in bold; these are indicatively set as minimum standards for each criterion, and serve as minimum expectations for subsequent levels. These minimum standards have been highlighted for illustrative purposes to show that a university or faculty may require a particular standard, or source of evidence be provided. However, different institutions may set different minimum standards. Academic staff should consult their own institution for minimum standard requirements.