Related projects

Related projects


Promoting Teaching

In 2009 the HEA published two reports, produced by the GENIE CETL, University of Leicester and the HEA on the reward and recognition of teaching. The work focussed on academic promotion and identified areas for further development. This research together with work at the University of Wollongong provided the foundation for an international project, Promoting Teaching, which aimed to provide the sector with support to benchmark promotion practice and support the development of promotion processes and policy. This project, funded by the HEA, involved the universities of Leicester, Newcastle in the UK and Wollongong and Tasmania in Australia.


Transforming Practice Programme 2014

The Transforming Practice Programme (TPP) focusing on Reward and Recognition: Promotion Process and Policy will support institutions to enhance and refine processes, policies, strategies and infrastructure for the recognition, reward and promotion of teaching. It will build on the outputs and expertise from the recently completed Promoting Teaching Project undertaken by a consortium of Australian and UK universities which produced resources for benchmarking institutional promotion policies and procedures, as well as perspectives and principles on measuring teaching. It will also actively promote the sharing of other relevant international research and development related to promoting, recognising and rewarding excellence in learning and teaching.

UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

The UK professional standards framework for teaching and supporting learning is for institutions to apply to their professional development programmes and activities thereby demonstrating that professional standards are being met.