Implementation case studies

The project team designed an implementation program to support institutions use the framework to develop their own teaching criteria and standards, and to embed criteria in institutional processes such as recruitment, probation, staff review/development and promotion. Participating universities were asked to share their implementation experience and lessons learnt with the sector through the contribution of case studies. Click on the links to download the full case study from each university. More case studies will be added as they are submitted to the project team.

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  1. Australian Catholic University
  2. The University of South Australia
  3. The University of Western Australia
  4. Edith Cowan University
  5. Curtin University
  6. Notre Dame University
  7. James Cook University

Australian Catholic University

Contact: Kristina Everett

The project aim and output was implementation of a University Teaching Standards Framework to clarify key criteria in teaching excellence at ACU. It is envisaged that the Framework will be used in multiple contexts including promotion, performance review and recruitment.

View the ACU case study

 The University of South Australia

Contact: Gavin Sanderson

The University of South Australia’s interaction with the AUTCAS framework was facilitated through involvement in a national OLT project titled the ‘Transforming Practice Programme (TPP) – Reward and Recognition: Promotion Process and Policy’ in which 13 Australian universities worked independently throughout 2014 on transforming their practice in an area of learning and teaching in higher education. UniSA’s self-selected project was to develop ‘a quality teaching framework for teaching excellence at UniSA’. It was constructed using an iterative, literature- and project-informed, data-driven, collaborative- and consensus-building approach. It is envisaged that the framework will shortly be adopted as ‘whole of institution’ view of teaching quality which will, for example, guide teaching practice and related professional development, inform recognition and reward processes, aid discussions on teaching performance, planning and review, influence recruitment and promotion processes, and drive day-to-day institutional discourse on learning and teaching.

View the University of South Australia case study

The University of Western Australia

Contact: Denise Chalmers,

The focus at The University of Western Australia was to:

  • Embed university-wide quality teaching criteria into policy and practice
  • Emphasise the role of pedagogy in transforming teaching into effective learning outcomes
  • Raise the profile/status of teaching and learning across the university
  • Apply the AUTCAS model to the development of Research and Service criteria and standards

Download the UWA case study

Edith Cowan University

Contact: Catherine Moore,
Sue Stony,

The focus at Edith Cowan (ECU) was to contextualize the AUTCAS Framework to the ECU environment, with an emphasis on incorporating their core strategic priority of Engaging and Serving our Communities, as well as the principles and priorities of the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework.

Download the Edith Cowan case study

Curtin University

Contact: Beatrice Tucker,

Curtin University established an ambitious teaching and learning plan designed to enhance the student experience. This context provided a clear imperative for the development of teaching criteria and standards at Curtin. As part of the plan, Curtin University developed its Teaching Excellence framework designed to define the capabilities and skills of excellent teaching academics and guide the successful recruitment, development, recognition and retention of quality teaching academics.

The Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards (AUTCS) project provided timely and critical input into the Teaching Excellence at Curtin criteria which were contextualised to reflect the University’s individual character and activities. The Teaching Excellence at Curtin framework includes:

  1. A clear aim
  2. Teaching excellence criteria
  3. Dimensions of teaching excellence for each academic level (A-D)
  4. Evidence of achievement for each dimension.

Download the Curtin University case study



Notre Dame University

Contact: Sofia Elliot,

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a distinctive national Catholic university with over 12,000 students across campuses in Fremantle, Broome and Sydney. As outlined in its Objects, the focus at Notre Dame is on providing an excellent standard of pastoral care for students and training for the professions. Notre Dame was already committed to embedding the significance of quality teaching into relevant processes prior to involvement in the AUTCAS project. The significance of the AUTCAS Framework will be in identifying ways in which it could be used to further support, refine and strengthen what is already in place. Potential areas for application of the Framework to the Notre Dame context are: benchmarking of current academic promotion criteria for possible areas of value-adding; supporting the developing momentum for peer observation strategies; and informing the development of an institutional teaching criteria and standards framework.

Download the Notre Dame case study

James Cook University

Contact:  Angela Hill

JCUs key focus was developing criteria for promotion in the teaching and learning domain. Working collaboratively with HR and the learning and teaching leadership group, a comprehensive statement of academic expectations was developed.

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